Company founded in 1987 and located in San Bernardo, Santiago, Chile. Matesa starts its activities with an industrial facility for the elaboration of protective pillows designed for fruit packaging, using an American license from Jiffy Packaging Co. (USA).

Since its foundation, Matesa in constant communication with their customers could position itself into the market, detecting and satisfying the multiple needs from them, adding presence in external markets with the bigger portion of their products. Is in this way that Matesa has developed two lines of production: the Agricultural line and the Industrial Line.


Agricultural line products:

SO2 pad, Absor Pad, Corrugated sheet, Edge board, Jiffy Pad, Liner paper and Liner bags

Industrial line products:

Edge boards and Paper tubes.

Today Matesa has a constant commitment with the fresh fruit exporting industry working in the optimization and development of our products and in new lines of production with the intention of adding value to the products we protect.


Our Mission

To be the most responsible and efficient packaging materials company in terms of operational procedures, delivering high quality products in agreement with the market requirements on which we take part.

Our Vision

To be the leader packaging Materials Company in terms of cost, acknowledged as a strategic partner by our clients, with a high commitment with the development and wellbeing of our co-workers, with the market needs and the stakeholder’s expectations.



Matesa and its constant need-solution policy with our clients and with the fresh fruit exporting industry has achieved to place itself in the following markets:



Research and Development.

Matesa has highly specialized personnel that constantly work testing and doing research that can achieve high-value solutions for our customers.

In addition to that, our post-sale policy ensures to our clients a strong and constant presence, assisting and establishing a permanent technical relationship.



Today in Matesa we have a constant commitment to the Fresh fruit exporting industry, we work in the optimization and development of our products as well as new lines that give value to the products we protect.


Matesa meets the requirements of international norms for quality management systems:

ISO 9001-2008


Address: Almirante Riveros # 0351
San Bernardo
Santiago – Chile.

Phone : (56-2) 28572561