Edge Boards

The edge board is a product made by recycled papers that are joined together through the adding of adhesive, which later on is bent to get an outline with a specific angle.

The edge board is used to protect the angles and corners of a load preventing it from damage due to the use of metal bands or any other tightening object, that may damage the product stored in a pallet. In addition to that it is used to join a load becoming a protective element to the exposed surface.

Options : The Edge Board has the following characteristics according to the request.

  • Units per pallet : 1.000 to 3.000
  • Length: 500 to 3.000 mm.
  • Wing Width: 50 x50 mm
  • Thickness: 2.5 to 6 mm.
  • Resistence : until 320 pounds
  • Color :White or Dark brown
  • Printing: Until 4 colors

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Markets: The edge board has mainly two definite markets, the Industrial edge board and the vegetable and fruit edge board. Having these two differences in wing width, thickness, resistance and length.

Edge boards by market: the most common uses for each market are:

IndustryWing width (mm)Length (mm)thickness (mm)Resistence Lb.*PrintColor
Vegetable and fruit 50x50 mm 500 a 2.500 5 a 6 mm Up to 300 Pounds 4 colors White or Brown
Vegetable and fruit 50x50 mm 500 a 2.500 4,5 mm Up to 250 Pounds 4 colors White or Brown
Vegetable and fruit
/reinforced Industrial
50x50 mm 500 a 2.500 4,5 mm Up to 200 pounds 4 colors White or Brown
Industry 50x50 mm 500 a 2.500 2,7 a 4 mm Variable 4 colors White or Brown

* Pivot separation at 200 mm, puncheon width 20 mm, sample length 300 mm


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