Jiffy Pad

Product formed by two joined sheets of Virgin Kraft paper which inside is stuffed with cushioning, recyclable and equally distributed material, forming a special padding that delivers an optimal protection for the fresh fruit.



Printed and not printed formats

High quality cushioning and protection capacity, specially designed to protect the product from bumps, dynamic charges and mechanical pressure. These features make this format the main option for direct and efficient protection for packed fresh fruit due to the natural formation of the alveoli.



Jiffy Pad

Gives mechanical protection that maintains and prolongs the useful life of fresh fruit. Its white soft face makes printing color logos easy as well as images and corporative texts, which helps to promote and identify in a satisfactory way the brand or the name of the exporting client and also the importer’s name to the markets addressed, through each one of the boxes filled with Matesa’s cushioning.


Paper Color White/Brown White/Brown White/Brown
Brown/Brown Brown/Brown Brown/Brown
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Note: As manufacturers we can adapt to the measurements required by our clients


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Today in Matesa we have a constant commitment to the Fresh fruit exporting industry, we work in the optimization and development of our products as well as new lines that give value to the products we protect.


Matesa meets the requirements of international norms for quality management systems:

ISO 9001-2008


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