Paper tubes

Product formed by paper layers joined one at a time with an adhesive until the creation of a turbinate and solid tube

The tube is used as a supporting element or “soul” to wrap products around it.

Options: there are different options when making a tube::

  • Units by pallet: According the customer’s needs.
  • Interior diameter: 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 inches.
  • Length: from 20 to 3.000 mm.
  • Thickness : from 4 to 16 mm.
  • Resistance: Up to 3.000 Kgf/mt per line.
  • Color: White or Dark Brown.
  • Printing: Inside or outside up to 4 colors.
  • Others: waterproof polyethylene White color inside or outside, others.



Markets: There are different industries that use tubes as wrapping elements, between the most important are: Plastic, Stretch film, flexible containers, papers, fabrics, carpets, labels, others.

Tubes per market: The most common uses for each industry are:

IndustryInterior diameter (Pg.)Length(mm)weight (Kg.)thickness (mm)Max. Resistance Kgf/mt.*PrintingColor
Plastic/Paper/ Flexible containers 3 and 6 Pg. 1.000 to 3.000 Do not apply 7 to 14 mm 3.000 Do not apply Brown
Stretch Film 2 and 3 Pg. 500 to 520 0,25 a 1,5. 3 to 16 Variable 4 colors White or Brown
Fabric/Carpets 4 Pg. 500 to 4.000 Do not apply 3 to 8 200 4 colors White or Brown
Others 2, 3, 4, 6 y 8 20 a 4.000 order 2,7 a 16 mm Variable 4 colors White or Brown

* Probeta de 10 cms apilada en compresímetro o dinamómetro/Resultado llevado a mt.


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